4 Cartoons Inspired by Veterinarians

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In the coming weeks, VetMEDResearch will be producing a series of cartoons inspired by the veterinary world. These are royalty-free (do whatever you want) cartoons.
A quick Q&A with Tracy Dowdy
VetMEDResearch Veterinary Business Cartoon

Tracy Dowdy is a veterinary practice consultant based in San Diego, CA. You can find more about her work at https://tracydowdy.com/.

What is the biggest challenge that vets face when running their veterinary practice?

The biggest challenge that veterinarians face when running their practice is they do not have a strong business plan and operational model to adopt and follow that will lead to them to a higher level of performance and profitability.

Based on your personal experiences, what is your best advice for new veterinarians?

The best advice I may give a new veterinarian is to focus on building relationships with their clients and the team. Many veterinarians go into this profession because of their love of animals. However, the animal never walks in the door alone. While having exceptional medical skills is necessary, I would argue exceptional interpersonal skills is critical to a veterinarian’s career success.

Inspired by: 15 Outrageous Pet Owner Requests of Vets

The blog post that inspired these two cartoons was written by Dr. Andy Roark for Vet Street.


VetMEDResearch Call me Mister Cat Cartoon

VetMEDResearch Neutering Cartoon

Inspired by: Nine easy ways to improve your relationship with your cat

The guest blog post that inspired the following cartoon was written by Linda Butts (Pawsometalk.com) for Pete the Vet.

VetMEDResearch Litterbox Cartoon

Like the cartoons? The full collection is available for download with more coming soon.

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