About Us

JOIN NOW VetMEDResearch clients include pharmaceutical companies, food and nutrition companies, pet products and service companies as well as allied advertising and marketing research firms. I founded the panel in 2010. Since then, VetMEDResearch has grown to more than 5,000 panel members, the largest research panel of qualified and verified veterinary professionals in the U.S.

Responses to frequently asked questions are available here.

My Eight Principles

If you don’t already know VetMEDResearch, let me tell you a bit more about it. Here are the eight principles I adhere to as a veterinary panel owner and researcher.

  1. Participants first. Yes, VetMEDResearch is a business for me. But if I don’t take care of the people on the panel then I won’t have a business. So I review all surveys prior to fielding. And I have declined to field surveys that are overly complex, are longer than projected without increasing incentives to participants, or otherwise have significant problems that could impact your survey experience.
  2. Compensate fairly and quickly. Research project incentives are based on length, complexity, and demands on the respondent. And incentives are either gift cards (VISA or Amazon) delivered right to your email box or a check sent via mail for larger incentives, if that is your preference. None of those stupid points systems where you have to accrue a certain number of points for prizes or gift cards. And incentives go out as soon as the study closes, usually in about three to five days.
  3. I am available. All research invitations include my email and personal phone number. So if you have a problem or need to reach me, you can.
  4. No spam—ever. I hate spam and I bet you do too. The only time you’ll receive an email from me is if I am inviting you to participate in a legitimate research study or if I’m updating my contact list. I have turned down many offers to pitch products to VetMEDResearch members and I always say, “No!”
  5. It’s easy to join and it’s easy to leave. You can join the panel in about a minute by completing the registration form. And if you want to leave, just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email and you’ll be removed from the panel.
  6. Feedback is a gift. I read every single email and read every single comment on the form provided at the end of each survey. If there is a problem, I address it because I want you to keep on participating in VetMEDResearch studies.
  7. Privacy matters. I do not sell or rent lists of panel participants. Clients who use the panel do not have access to participants’ identity or contact information unless you give permission for the purpose of a focus group or interview project, in which case I inform you that your contact information will be shared. Clients are prohibited from reusing contact information after their study.
  8. There is no advertising. You’ll never see an ad on VetMEDResearch. Don’t we already see enough advertising?

Robin M. Wedewer