5 Must-Have Apps for Veterinarians

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Just about every industry imaginable has benefited in some way from the advent of smartphone apps. Veterinary medicine is no exception. Apps can allow veterinarians, veterinary techs and office staff to communicate better, have access to vital information when it’s needed, training and much more. The best part is that these must-have apps for veterinarians run on smartphones and tablets that can be carried anywhere, expanding the use of the app even more.

With so many apps on the market, the problem becomes: which one should I choose? While the answer to this question greatly depends on your own needs and the needs of your clinic, there are a few that stand out from the crowd.

DVM Cal App

This is an extremely versatile app for making many different calculations. Some of them include:

  • Emergency drug calculator
  • Toxicity calculator
  • Shock fluid doses
  • Surgical blood loss calculator
  • Weight/temperature conversions

In all, the DVM Cal app features 15 specific constant rate infusion calculators, 26 practical calculators, and 10 toxicity calculators. It’s safe to say that this app has you covered when it comes to making important calculations.

As of this writing, the DVM Cal app is available for $4.99, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click here to learn more about this app.

A Vet Tool

This is another powerful app that places a virtual reference library right in the palm of your hand. Its features include:

  • Information on 650 drugs
  • Common blood value lab results
  • Collection of x-ray comparisons
  • 9 Different calculator functions
  • A notepad you can organize into categories

This app costs $6.99 and is available on both the iTune and Google Play app stores. Click here to learn more about this app.

Veterinary Anesthesia App

This app helps veterinarians and veterinary technicians understand anesthesia of small animals, like dogs and cats. It features a large list of anesthesia and sedation drugs and even includes an easy-to-use drug calculator.

This app is free on the Google Play app store. As of this writing, there is no iOS version. Click here to learn more about this app.

DVM360 App

This is a catch-all of apps with a bundle of features that will benefit everyone in the clinic. Some of its features include:

  • Educational videos/audio clips
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Participate in case studies
  • Interactive information on patient care, team communication and more!

Currently, the DVM360 app is free, but only available on the iPad. Click here to learn more about this app.

Merck Veterinary Manual

With this app, you can carry a 1,000 page book in your pocket. This app features:

  • Fully colored images
  • Audio/videos about hundreds of different diseases
  • Access to research and reports
  • Specific charts/graphs to help illustrate data presented in the reports.

This app will set you back $49.99 to have access to all of its features. But considering the amount of information that comes with it, it’s money well spent. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play app stores. Click here to learn more about this app.

More Veterinary Apps Are Always Being Developed

By no means is this a comprehensive list of apps for veterinary professionals. There are a lot more apps out there, and more being developed all the time. But this list is a good example of some very powerful tools available on your phone or tablet.

Stop carrying around bulky textbooks, manuals and charts. Take advantage of the apps available to you and become more efficient.

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