Trends in Veterinary Industry Research

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The nature of veterinary industry research is rapidly evolving. There was a time when animal health pharmaceutical company sales representatives provided useful feedback to marketers. Then telephone surveys and traditional focus groups became the most common research methods to gather information about what veterinarians were thinking, how they make decisions, what they talk to clients about and how they behave.

But sales representatives can’t provide statistically reliable information and qualitative feedback is filtered through their sales lens. And it’s increasingly difficult to reach veterinarians by telephone because of gatekeepers and busy office schedules.

Now, companies that market veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, pet foods and other products commission research studies that increasingly rely on the internet as a source for gathering information through online surveys, online focus groups and bulletin board focus groups. But reaching veterinarians online can still be difficult.

That’s why research panels are developed—to put companies in touch with veterinarian and veterinary hospital decision makers so that they can make better decisions to benefit their veterinarian customers, clients and patients. conducts proprietary as well as syndicated veterinary studies, studies market dynamics and trends by tapping into the database of veterinarians who register. In return, we provide veterinarians with honorariums for their time. In some cases we offer incentives such as prizes and copies of reports.

Veterinarian research panels are a win-win situation for veterinarians and for companies.


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